Why is the role of the nurse important in the TEC-MED project?

TEC-MED Project

Nurses care for older people by maintaining their quality of life in their environment and community. Likewise, nurses offer us the opportunity to experience proper aging with maximum functionality. They are making the most of our capabilities. In addition, to achieve and maintain the well-being of the elderly, it evaluates the care it provides. In addition, in the TEC-MED project, we are constantly researching to improve social and health practices throughout the Mediterranean basin.

A nurse works with essential values. The dignity of the elderly, their well-being and quality of life, autonomy, etc. Values allow it to attend to people taking care of their needs, characteristics, and interests. Thus, she achieves comprehensive care taking into account all areas, and serving globally.

Quality care

To offer quality care, nursing takes into account several aspects:

  • Individual differences are what differentiates each person. And the life stories, the personal history, and the experiences of each one.
  • The active participation of older people. That is, make them participate, for example, in decision-making and in organization and planning.
  • The care plan. Organize, develop and implement an appropriate care plan for each person.

Roles of nurses in the TEC-MED project

Nursing cares for a specific sector of the population, the elderly. With some specific problems and pathologies. For this reason, it offers specialized attention according to this population. In addition, it promotes the health and well-being of the elderly, offers support to family members or people in the immediate environment, and works together with other professionals to achieve the objectives. The functions performed can be assistance, management, teaching, and research. The TEC-MED project team is integrated with this latest professional profile to ensure care based on scientific evidence.