Webinar: A Supporting Sustainability Badge for Business Support Organizations (GIMED)

In order to promote sustainability mainstreaming, the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is developing a ‘Supporting Sustainability Badge’ to help Business Support Organizations to review their practice in delivering support to entrepreneurs and ventures.

The webinar, which is co-organised by GIMED, will introduce the concept and the goals of the Supporting Sustainability Badge, as well as collect feedback from participants in order to guide the development and testing of the badge.

Along the event Gillian Siddle, Expert responsible of the development of the Supporting Sustainability Badge, will lead its presentation. There will be room for a life survey response feedback from participants. The event will be held next 14th February 2022 on Zoom from 15.30 – 17:20pm CET. Check the agenda on this link.

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