WATER-ENERGY-FOOD NEXUS: WEF - CAP Highlights The Way Forward for the Mediterranean Region in the Face of Insecurities


WEF - CAP presents its first policy brief that provides a summary of the major environmental challenges facing the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) with the objective to provide evidence-based recommendations on how to address these challenges through adopting a WEFN approach. 

After the introduction, highlighting the major environmental challenges, the document provides evidence-based details about the interlinkages between water, food and energy sectors and proposing solutions for the way forward on how to adopt an integrated WEFN approach in the MPCs. 

The brief then presents the WEF-CAP project, its objectives and it provides details about the mapping exercise that was undertaken on WEFN best practices from several countries in EU-MPC  region with the aim of providing replicability options. 

Finally, the brief provides research-and-operational evidence-based recommendations on ways to move forward and adopt the WEFN approach.   

You can download the Policy brief here.