Success stories from the NEX-LABS community: Renewable energy everywhere: a portable solar panel developed in Lebanon

[Photo via INJAZ Lebanon | YouTube channel]

In its journey of discovering best practices in the Mediterranean area, NEX-LABS is coming across a world of success stories about how people and talents are providing innovative solutions to face the Water, Energy and Food challenges in the Mediterranean.  The picture that is taking shape shows a resilient, innovative, creative and talented community. 

The first success story we would like to bring to your attention is the story of te twenty-six-year-old Rayan Bahchik, who created a portable solar panel, called Solar Ray Amper, thanks to the support of INJAZ Lebanon.

INJAZ Lebanon is a non-profit organization that aims to educate and prepare Lebanon’s youth to become qualified and successful employees and entrepreneurs in a growing regional and global economy. INJAZ Lebanon actively engages the business community through our volunteer-based model that allows independent professionals and corporate volunteers, to share their experiences through the implementation of our varied educational programs that focus on Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, and Financial Literacy.

Since Rayan majored in Electric Engineering, he was able to bring about his first prototype whilst totally relying on his new-found skills and knowledge.

Throughout his participation with INJAZ Lebanon, Rayan discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and his ability to create the career path that he always wanted. After gaining enough confidence during GIL, he later pursued other entrepreneurship programmes to attract more funds for his project. He, therefore, joined the Darb w Dar project with INJAZ Lebanon, the Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club (TEC), and the Waterlution programme. He is indeed one ambitious man!

“My hiking and camping experiences were my initial source of inspiration. The portable solar panel enables me to spend long hours in nature since it provides up to 12 hours of renewable energy,”

Rayan is interested in protecting the environment by reducing pollution. Making the best out of sustainable natural energies is a pressing priority. He is proud to have participated in projects such as ‘Darb w Dar’ because it aims to revive rural and ecological tourism in Denniyeh. He also took part in ‘Waterlution’ project which aims to preserve the iconic Litani River.

Read the full story of Solar Ray Amper via INJAZ Lebanon Blog

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