U-SOLVE presents the results of the evaluation of entrepreneurship ecosystem in 6 Mediterranean regions


U-SOLVE ten partners of six Mediterranean countries met in Jordan to highlight project accomplishments and challenges so far and to agree on productive methods for urban development solutions. 

The project will announce a call for sub grants giving the chance for creative entrepreneurs of women and youth to be part of urban development in their areas. 

Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine, Italy, and Greece presented their results on the evaluation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in their countries which will be the baseline for them to map their focus areas of the project and invite relevant startups and ventures to join the project. 

Waste management, green infrastructure, and urban and transport planning are some of the prominent urban challenges which most partners will address in their upcoming activities and employ their efforts into finding startups with creative solution in these areas of focus.

All partners discussed the upcoming action plans including opening the business hubs which will be the location to host, train and coach candidate entrepreneurs in the project