U-SOLVE in Egypt is about to open its urban living hub to support entrepreneurship


U-SOLVE Egyptian partner; the Academy for Scientific research and Technology (ASRT) held a field mission to the project's "urban living hub" on the 5th June 2022, which will be located in Alexandria's Scientific Research City in Borg El Arab. Opening the hub is part of the project activities in Egypt. It will serve as an oasis for entrepreneurial actors and will gather individuals, small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, representatives of public and private research, and governmental bodies. The overall aim is to provides a supportive environment for discussing and formulating strategies and creative ideas capable of providing solutions that contribute to the region's urban development.

The meeting was held with Dr. Mona Abdel-Latif, President of the City of Scientific Research and Dr. Adel El-Samahy, the assigned hub manager, to discuss the findings and reports of mapping the ecosystem actors in Egypt gathered through questionnaires, interviews, and desk research. This study which was part of U-SOLVE project outcomes, helped in identifying the specific challenges related to sustainable urban development, and the impact of various factors that promote the spread of entrepreneurship. Particularly these findings show that the city of Alexandria is facing multiple urban challenges such as sustainable energy, urban food systems, blue infrastructure, and waste management.

The meeting concluded with an exchange of ideas on how the hub should be designed to present activities in support of the goal it seeks, such as providing regional business training in collaboration with project partners in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, and Palestine in the form of practical and operational modules to support entrepreneurs' ideas that can be implemented. These exercises will result in highly qualified entrepreneurs and the opening of new areas of interdisciplinary research.