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U-SOLVE in Cyprus organises three focus groups to discuss built environment, waste management and sustainable mobility

In Nicosia, the Strovolos Cultural Centre is hosting three focus groups of the U-SOLVE project in order to deepen the issues that emerged from the survey on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cyprus conducted by the Cyprus Institute and the university of Cyprus, both U-SOLVE's partner.The event has been organized with the collaboration of a local NGO, Urban Gorillas

Following the first meeting on Friday 29th April which focused on Nicosia's built environment, the second meeting on Monday 2nd May will focus on waste management. The third meeting, on Wednesday 4 May, will focus on sustainable mobility. 

The focus groups will involve people from government authorities, municipalities, private companies, NGOs, universities and people from the creative industry in Nicosia. Experts in the areas of urban planning, waste and mobility will lead the dialogue and spark a constructive debate that will help the U-SOLVE project to further identify critical issues related to sustainable urban development in Nicosia and potential creative solutions. Here are the links to register: Built EnvironmentWaste ManagementSustainable Mobility.

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