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Urban sustainable development SOLutions Valuing Entreprenership

About the project

The implementation of the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ in urban areas is of crucial importance to make our cities sustainable, livable and resilient over the long term. Vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems can bring a valuable contribution in designing innovative solutions that have a positive impact against the negative effects of climate change. To ensure potential entrepreneurs, especially young people, can turn ideas into actual businesses, an enabling ecosystem, supported by public authorities, is needed. U-SOLVE intends to enhance support to young entrepreneurs in urban areas with focus on the environment and sustainable development. The project will create experimental pathways for place-based strategies, suitable for the Mediterranean countries, where the entrepreneurial energy is oriented towards sustainable and integrated territorial development.

Key information

Urban sustainable development SOLutions Valuing Entreprenership
A.1 Business and SMEs development
A.1.1 Start-ups and recently established enterprises
Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt

Financial data

3.5 million
Total budget
3.2 million
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To create a model of urban development based on innovative entrepreneurship, addressing sustainable development challenges, boosting urban business ecosystems and creating jobs in emerging social and environmental markets

What will be improved?

U-SOLVE will establish a supporting process devoted to young and women innovative entrepreneurs with both local impact and high growth potential, to boost the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in urban contexts. The impact on income generation for start-ups will be substantial, with a minimum of 20 new business contracts signed. As a consequence, the project is expecting to generate at least 40 new jobs in the supported start-ups. Moreover, the network of urban hubs, to be generated by the project, will represent a powerful tool, at Mediterranean level, where local policy-makers, knowledge providers, development agencies, innovators and impact investors will act as a community for change, producing economic value within a sustainable development framework. Over a mid-long term perspective, the project will contribute to the shift to an integrated, impact-oriented approach to entrepreneurship, where the local and global dimensions of new business are connected to the sustainable development paradigm.

Who will benefit?

  • 420 young and women entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs
  • 30 start-ups operating in urban contexts
  • Local urban populations 

Expected achievements

  • 7 roadmaps and methodologies to enhance create urban ecosystems 
  • 120 start-uppers trained to strengthen the scaling-up potential of their business ideas
  • 30 start-up companies addressing environmental issues with innovative ideas that can be turned into new services or products
  • 6 urban hubs set up as incubators for entrepreneurs
  • 7 strategic documents on urban entrepreneurial policy for sustainable development in the Mediterranean area 

Contribution to policy-making

The interaction with decision-makers during the entrepreneurship ecosystem analysis and when establishing the project urban hubs will foster sustainable results at social, economic and policy levels. A full set of activities of the project is dedicated to produce policy proposals addressed to promote entrepreneurship as a tool for sustainable development in urban areas, with a direct involvement of public institutions throughout their elaboration. Finally, through a series of transnational workshops between responsible institutions in each participating city, a comparison among the strategies will be made in order to define a common policy at Mediterranean level.


Project news

U-SOLVE project to support businesses for a sustainable development in the Mediterranean

The project, which aims to develop sustainable urban enterprises, will be launched on 13 April with the partners from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Jordan and Palestine.


Project news

Jordan: two job vacancies under the U-SOLVE project

The Jordan University of Science and Technology, partner of the U-SOLVE project, is looking for an External Auditor and a Communication Officer. Application deadline: 03/04/2021.


Project news

Palestine: two job vacancies under the U-SOLVE project

The Palestine Ahliya University, partner of the U-SOLVE project, is looking for an External Auditor and a Communication Officer. Application deadline: 20/3/2021 at 16:00 CET.

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