U-SOLVE and URBiNAT: an opportunity to share solutions to urban and social challenges inspired and supported by the environment


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office of the Cyprus Institute (CyI),partner of U-SOLVE introduced the project to URBiNAT consortium members during an online expert’s dialogue exchange that took place on Thursday 30 September 2021.

URBiNAT, a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, consists of a world-class consortium of both research and business partners operating in 7 European cities. It focuses on the regeneration and integration of undeserved city areas by applying the concepts of Community of Practice (CoP) and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to co-create together with citizens and local community actors Healthy Corridors, an integration of connected innovative and flexible micro NBS emerging from community-driven design processes for improving the wellbeing of citizens and their environment in urban areas.

Through the presentation of U-SOLVE, the CyI highlighted how open innovation and ecosystem participatory tools are engaged to support the entrepreneurial processes targeting Urban Sustainable development and provided suggestions on how the introduction of the concepts of NBS and Healthy corridors into U-SOLVE could become attractors for prioritizing those Sustainable Development Goals’ dimensions that will be selected to implement the resulting place-based Urban Sustainable Development strategies.  

The collaboration between the two projects will be further explored through the exchange of tools and experiences.