The Tunisian team of the TEC-MED model organizes the last international workshop of this project



The TEC-MED model, the social-ethical care model for dependent elders or at risk of social exclusion in the Mediterranean basin is based on the patient and family-centered collaborative care approach. The model provides safe, effective, and efficient medical care to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

The TEC-MED model is compatible with the software platform; The Tec-Med Care and Learning Platform, which provides holistic health and social evaluation with individualized care plans.

The Tunisia team is working on the aspects of the social capitalization of the TEC-MED model and the promotion of the TEC-MED platform so that they are more accessible and visible to the actors and the community involved.

The TEC-MED project celebrated on February 1st an international workshop entitled "TEC-MED Project:" The preliminary findings of TEC-MED of the pilot phase and social capitalization "with the interested parties is the 4th and the last one within the TEC-MED project and the fifth project in the TEC-Med project. Different aspects of the project will be shared among the participants and will further strengthen the capitalization of the potential of the networks.

The objective of these international workshops is to make knowledge and preliminary results generated by the TEC-MED project and their pilot phase more accessible and visible to all the actors involved, mainly project partners and a wide range of interested parties in the field of aging and social attention. The final objective will be to increase the awareness of skills and

Improve the communication of the results in the field of social care and the health of the elderly. The fourth international workshop will be a hybrid event. It will take place on February 1, 2023, in Unicamillus, Rome, Italy.