Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship enables Social and Solidarity Economy actors on gamified educational tools at a MedRiSSE event


On June 10th 2023, our partner of the MedRiSSE project Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE), organised an event to capitalize MedUp! project and to increase social entrepreneur knowledge.

The gathering was about alternative educational tools for Social and Solidarity Economy actors, with the aim to capitalize on the MedUP! project and to create a space for discussion around SSE. This event took place at Villa Jamaity, as part of “Carrefour ESS” and its purpose was to inform the public and the relevant SSE actors about an alternative educational approach that enables SSE actors to teach social entrepreneurship fundamentals, with an understanding of social entrepreneurship concepts by using the Zaama card game, developed by TCSE within the framework of the MedUP! project.

The information contained in the Zaama game is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the Member States of the United Nations and which are brought together in the 2030 Agenda. Social entrepreneurs and SSE actors participated in the event and learn how to teach through gamification. For TCSE, it supposed an opportunity to establish contact with SSE actors that are interested in alternative educational approaches on social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

TCSE invited SSE actors to play the Zaama game and created a debate around socialentrepreneurship in Tunisia. In fact, the game incites players to question the social problems that Tunisians face and to discuss what kind of solutions are relevant. The participants led a critical discussion around the issues faced in Tunisia such as water scarcity, educational system setbacks. The event welcomed 23 attendees among social entrepreneurs, students, professors and SSE actors.