Third INNOMED-UP newsletter highlights activities concerning Circular Economy and Cultural & Creative Industries in Mediterranean cities


Dear readers of INNOMED-UP Newsletter,

I am proud to present you our 3rd Newsletter. Our INNOMED-UP Project is going through the second year of hard work and collaboration. We could say that if the first year was dedicated to the data collection, methodological guidelines, the review of existing policies and the state of the art on Circular Economy and Cultural & Creative Industries, the second year which is already running, deals with the creation of a wealth of knowledge, practices and experiences.

We have already carried out successful events around Mediterranean and now, we find ourselves at the delighted but also responsible position to collect all the raw material, experiences and information and to transform these into useful future capitalized knowledge. We hope and we aim at contributing to shift local urban economies towards a circular production and consumption paradigm, by leveraging the know-how and creativity of Cultural & Creative Industries that are present in the historical centers of the Mediterranean Cities.

During the period that passed, the 1st INNOMED-UP Conference and the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting were held remotely.

Specifically, the 1st INNOMED-UP Conference was held on Monday, February 15th 2021 via teleconference, jointly organized by the Municipality of Prato (Italy) and the Lead Beneficiary of the INNOMED-UP Project National Technical University of Athens (Greece). All INNOMED-UP participants and stakeholders have contributed to achieving a fruitful dialogue in a cooperative manner.

Furthermore, the 3rd Steering Committee meeting of the INNOMED-UP Project was held on Monday 12th of April 2021. Project Partners discussed various topics, highlighting success stories and building the way forward. Collecting information on Circular Economy industry at the INNOMED-UP Mediterranean cities and finding linkages between Cultural & Creative Small-Medium Enterprises and the Circular Economy were the basic outcomes of the meeting.

The following period, we set up the engines of the Cultural & Creative Small-Medium Enterprises’ clustering roadmaps for each INNOMED-UP city, synthesized with the smart tools, namely Smart Bicycle, Central Information System, Smart Garbage Bin and Open source repository for circular designs & eco-design toolkits in order to boost the future INNOMED-UP activities.

Οn this occasion, I would like to thank all INNOMED-UP Project Partners for their efforts and their commitment, despite the difficult circumstances of pandemic crisis.

I wish you good browsing on our new newsletter and stay tuned for all that is following by our official website ( and social media (INNOMED-UP Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube).


Kind Regards,

Sofia Avgerinou Kolonias

INNOMED-UP Project Coordinator

Emeritus Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

School of Architectural Engineering

National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.)