TheMedNew Initiative: A New Mediterranean Fashion Brand Considered to be Capitalized through the CLUSTER4GREEN Project

Amman Chamber of Industry, Fadel Labadi

TheMedNew, a new initiative that was developed through the European ENI CBC MED Project TEX-MED ALLIANCES and launched in November, 2021 .

It is a new Mediterranean Fashion Brand and Trade mark that aims to encourage sustainability in  textile production and stimulate textile industry in the Mediterranean basin through encouraging partnership and alliances between SMEs working any in any part of the textile and clothing industry supply  chain as well as committed to comply  with values and  measures that are based on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) such as: sustainability, protection of environment and circular economy, using environment friendly material, craft man ship & quality, creativity, innovation  and social justice.     

A new business platform (  was launched to promote TheMedNew  initiative, stimulate cooperation  and promote  the profiles of the members who joined TheMedNew from different partner countries to the TEX-MED ALLIANCES Project such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Palestine. Furthermore, the platform shows photos of products and fashion collection of  more than (35) companies already joined the TheMedNew. Therefore, TheMedNew Brand aims to provide opportunity for   promotion , boosting sales  and internationalization.

Furthermore, The MedNew Team thinks that nowadays customers are more sensitive to sustainability principles and human rights. To enforce this idea, latest statistics and studies according to Chatham House and Reuters consumers are starting to change their behavior by shopping more consciously about sustainable productions and good practices.

Capitalization and Sustainability of TheMedNew Initiative gains importance and value added to the CLUSTER4GREEN Project since the initiative contributes to achieving the project goals through encouraging the companies to comply with the sustainability and environment protection measures   along the supply chain of clothing , yarn and fabric industries , which aim to increase the market share of  sustainable production and promote sustainable alliances.