TEX-MED ALLIANCES event in Barcelona: "Slow living" presentation with fashion and tourism


On 7 April, as part of the activities planned for 080 Barcelona Fashion, the EU-funded TEX-MED ALLIANCES project organize a promotional event in Barcelona for the new Mediterranean fashion and tourism: "Slow living".

TEXFOR leads the TEX-MED ALLIANCES project. This is a cross-border cooperation project within the framework of the ENI CBC MED program of the European Commission. One of the initiatives developed in the framework of the project is the TheMedNew platform. This new umbrella brand is a space for Mediterranean textile/fashion companies that share values of slow fashion, sustainability, and intercultural creativity. TheMedNew is currently in the process of opening up internationally.

Another project within the framework of ENI CBC MED is MED PEARLS, in this case, led by the Catalan Tourism Agency of the Government of Catalonia (Spain). MED-PEARLS works to create tourism experiences in various Mediterranean countries, with the aim of positioning the Mediterranean basin internationally as a destination of quality and excellence for the so-called "Slow Tourism".

We have joined the two projects to organize a presentation event with the participation of the 20 designers who are already part of the TheMedNew platform. The event will take place at the Estació de França (a beautiful and ancient train gare. the first builded in Barcelona). During the presentation, the station's lobby will be transformed into a display installation of the models designed for the occasion. The designers themselves, from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Greece, Italy, Jordan and Spain, will explain their creations.

Those responsibles for the MED PEARLS project will also share the highlights of their project with the attendees. A cocktail lunch will also be served with time for networking among the participants. The event will take place from 12pm to 5pm to facilitate the attendance of boutiques and fashion establishments, as well as travel agencies.

Business opportunities

The "Slow living" event offers good business opportunities for the fashion trade and the companies that are part of the TheMedNew initiative. Each company will present 4 mini collections. The event also seeks to establish synergies between slow fashion and slow tourism, to promote collaborations between textile companies in the value chain in the Mediterranean framework. Also, to present the products of companies with social and environmental values of TheMedNew platform to shops, commercial agents, distributors and end consumers.

The "Slow living" presentation will start at 12 PM, with the first part in conference format where the TheMedNew initiative and the MED-PEARLS project will be briefly presented and where each participant will have the opportunity to present their collection and their proposals. The second part of the event will be dedicated to networking between the public and participants or among the participants themselves, to encourage cooperation and business opportunities.

The meeting on 7 April will be the first of other similar events that we will organize in Greece, Italy, and Jordan in the coming months.

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