Testing Support Vouchers for Mediterranean SME and Entrepreneurs available through the NEX-LABS project

Image courtesy Adi Goldstein via Unsplash

NEX-LABS Testing Support Vouchers will support innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, startups in Water Energy Food Nexus sector by testing and validating their research/product, for market launch or expansion.

About the Voucher and what they cover:

This voucher will grant 8 startups/researchers/innovators access to physical infrastructure and know-how required to properly and objectively test their NEXUS-related products. The voucher aims to support early-stage innovations by testing or validating their new innovations (prototypes, products, services, materials, pilot processes, methods).

What this Voucher will not cover:

  • Product/service design
  • Product prototyping
  • Advisory and consulting service.
  • The development of demonstrators usable in industrial application or for commercial exploitation

Target Audience:

Entrepreneurs/SMEs in Jordan, Lebanon, or in any eligible country in the Mediterranean region with different cultural backgrounds, educational levels willing to test solutions for Water Energy Food sectors or adapt products/services to address NEXUS challenges.


The applications will be opened until 30th September 2023, terminated upon successfully awarding all available vouchers. Awarding will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. You represent a startup/SME, or an early-stage project that is anticipated to become a startup/spinout in the future
  2. The voucher, if awarded, is aligned with NEX-LABS objectives 
  3. Your product/service is in the fields of water, energy, or food 
  4. Your product/service represents a clear or potential NEXUS approach
  5. Your product/service addresses an important economic, environmental, or social need in the WEF-NEXUS context (e.g., resource efficiency, gender empowerment, resource allocation, community inclusion, yield increase, etc.)
  6. Your business appears credible with growth potential
  7. Your product/service represents added value
  8. Your product/service represents a working prototype, actual product, service, material, pilot process, or method that is ready to be subjected to testing
  9. The test appears to be attainable within the budget allocated
  10. The implementing partner can procure the test through the applicable procurement processes
  11. Implementing the test is likely to have an impact in the business by promoting growth, exports, partnership formation, capital injection, academia collaboration, or commercialization

Apply now!

For enquiry, you may reach out to:

Eng. Seema Azzam
Intellectual Property Officer
iPARK – Royal Scientific Society


Dr. Mohammed Aljafari
Director of the Intellectual Property Commercialization Office
iPARK - Royal Scientific Society