TECHLOG Project: Advancing Safety and Excellence in the Trans(port) Industry in Egypt through Innovative Pilot Actions


The Eastern Living Lab team, led by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in collaboration with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), and as part of the TECHLOG project (co-funded by ENI CBC MED), successfully organized two pilot actions comprising extensive training sessions.

These pilot actions, conducted from October 8 to November 30, 2023, were meticulously designed based on insights gathered from roundtable discussions with stakeholders. The primary focus was on enhancing safety operations and measures for truck drivers, crane operators, and reach stackers/forklift operators.

The core objective of the pilot actions was to evaluate the performance of operators before and after the training, emphasizing performance improvements and identifying areas for enhancement.

The initial pilot action featured comprehensive training on Truck and Reach Stacker Simulators. This training, attended by operators from transportation and port cargo handling companies, aimed to raise road safety awareness, instill safe driving practices through innovative simulators, and enhance drivers' sensitivity to road safety and environmental conditions. Subsequently, the second pilot action centered around Gantry Crane Simulation Training, engaging operators from various ports to focus on the safe performance of port gantry crane operators in a productive and eco-friendly manner. The series of comprehensive trainings concluded with Forklift Simulation Training, in which operators from transportation and port cargo handling companies participated.

Nine companies from both the public and private sectors participated in these trainings. Noteworthy participants included five transportation companies in truck and reach stacker simulators (MSC, Ship & C.R.E.W, Egyptian Global Logistics, Morgan, Egypt Company for Equipment) and four companies in heavy cranes (Port Said Container Handling Company, Suez Canal Container Company, Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company, and Alexandria Container and Cargo Company).

During the pilot actions, the Eastern Living Lab team also organized an 'Open House' event. This successfully brought together various public and private transportation and port cargo handling companies to explore the living lab's services and activities, specifically the available training simulators for truck drivers, crane operators, and reach stackers/forklift operators. Prominent companies such as Alexandria Container and Cargo Handling Co, Ship & C.R.E.W, Egyptian Global Logistics - Kadmar Group, Canal Shipping Agency, El-Handysa, Camp Cesar Alex, Appache Group, Agile International Unlimited Express, Damietta Cargo Handling Company, and Appache Group, along with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, expressed keen interest in the event. Attendees benefited from presentations by the TECHLOG team and had the opportunity to witness live training sessions under the TECHLOG project.

The active participation of public and private sector entities underscores the collective dedication to enhancing the standards of safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness in the crucial domains of trucking, crane operation, and cargo handling. The TECHLOG project stands as a testament to the ongoing pursuit of excellence in maritime and logistics, setting a precedent for future advancements in the industry.