TECHLOG Partners Revolutionize Logistics Sector at International SIL Logistics Conference in Barcelona

Picture by: Albert Mitjavila

Between the 7th and 9th of June 2023, TECHLOG partners made a significant impact at the 25th edition of the International SIL Logistics Conference held in Barcelona. As a global logistics hub, Barcelona provided the perfect backdrop for TECHLOG to showcase their cutting-edge simulation technologies and their applications in the industry. The event served as a platform for TECHLOG to demonstrate the transformative power of experiential education and forge valuable connections with influential stakeholders in the Mediterranean transport and logistics sectors.

TECHLOG's participation at the conference highlighted the concept of Living Labs, an innovative approach that brings realistic training environments to life across the Mediterranean. By providing lifelike training environments, TECHLOG's simulators proved indispensable for professionals in port logistics, such as truck drivers and crane operators.

One of the featured simulations was the highly immersive Euro Truck Simulator, which provided participants with an opportunity to engage and compete for a prize. The truck driving competition hosted by TECHLOG emerged as a highlight of the International Logistics Conference, captivating participants and attendees alike. Through the advanced simulator, the competition showcased how simulation technology can enhance truck drivers' skills, focus, safety, environmental efficiency, and sustainability. Participants eagerly competed in a challenging simulation scenario, demonstrating their mastery and exceptional abilities in logistics operations. The competition not only added excitement to the event but also underscored the immense potential of simulation technology.

TECHLOG partners fully capitalized on the conference to foster collaboration and establish valuable business connections. Multiple B2B meetings took place between TECHLOG and industry stakeholders, including leading companies, logistics experts, and policymakers. These meetings provided an ideal platform for exchanging ideas, exploring potential partnerships, and identifying new avenues for technological transfer and innovation in the logistics sector. Engaging discussions and productive networking sessions further solidified TECHLOG's position as a catalyst for positive change in the Mediterranean logistics landscape.

The engagement of TECHLOG partners extended beyond the exhibition booth. They actively participated in the 19th MedaLogistics Summit, where they emphasized the impact of technological transfer and innovation in simulation for companies. Renowned speakers, including industry figures, presented the developed Living Labs, demonstrating their potential to revolutionize the learning experience. The showcase, hosted within the stand of the Port of Barcelona, underscored TECHLOG's commitment to advancing the Mediterranean logistics industry.

TECHLOG's involvement at the International Logistics Conference reaffirmed its pivotal role as a catalyst for positive change in the transport and logistics sectors. Through the demonstration of innovative simulations, TECHLOG showcased the effectiveness of experiential education in transforming the learning experience. The project's dedication to revolutionizing the industry through state-of-the-art simulation solutions was evident, as it aimed to create a more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected logistics ecosystem. TECHLOG's commitment to pushing the boundaries of logistics education and technology extends far beyond the Mediterranean region, with the aim of benefiting stakeholders worldwide.