TECHLOG Lebanese partners work closely with the Beirut Port Truckers Syndicate to maximize the project's impact!


Within the framework of the EU funded project TECHLOG, Mr. Rabih Sabra, Director General of the Chamber of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, held a working meeting at the Chamber’s premises with the President of the Syndicate of Truck Owners in Beirut Port, Mr. Charbel Matta, at the head of a delegation from the Syndicate to discuss the sector concerns and means of cooperation within TECHLOG project activities. The meeting was attended from the Chamber side, by Ms. Hana Nehme, TECHLOG project manager and, Mr. Dory Abou Saab, technical and communication manager where the discussions tackled the upcoming TECHLOG virtual trainings and truck driving simulation programs that will be organized by the TECHLOG project in the next phase.

Mr. Matta reported on the difficulties faced by the sector, particularly in recruiting qualified Lebanese drivers who have experience in driving trucks, given the current economic crisis and the lack of demand for this profession by young people. The syndicate showed great interest in taking part in simulation training programs to benefit from the transfer of know-how that the project will present to stakeholders of the southern Mediterranean countries.

This comes within a series of meetings planned by the Chamber to introduce the TECHLOG project and engage the stakeholders in the project upcoming activities and part of the TECHLOG project partners' efforts to collaborate and target Research and Development/ Innovation organizations and trans(port) stakeholders, both public and private, who are interested in the opportunities for innovation to make (trans)port performance more efficient, sustainable, and harmonized in the Mediterranean region.


TECHLOG ”technological Transfer for Logistics Innovation in Mediterranean area”(2021-2024)- is co-financed by European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) of the European Union and led by the University of Cagliari in partnership with lead institutions from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia. The project aims to strengthen research-industry links in the (trans)port sector by establishing a permanent cross-border EU-Med space where research organizations and (trans)port industries co-create, test and share new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technologies.