TECHLOG introduces the Concept of Digitization of Logistics to Local Stakeholders at a Prominent Training and Business Exchange Forum


During the 4th session of the annual Training and Business Exchange Forum, the TECHLOG team of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport held an awareness event at its College of International Transport & Logistics (CITL) on Monday the 18th of April at Abu Kier Campus from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm . The CITL Training and Business Exchange Forum is regarded as one of the most important yearly events hosted by CITL – AASTMT due to its great importance and relevance. It is considered a focal point and gathering place for academics, students, and enterprises from both the public and private sectors. The forum's goals are to provide training opportunities for college students, to offer suitable employment opportunities for college graduates in the fields of logistics and supply chain management, to allow companies to create an alumni data database, to determine the required skills and competencies by the logistics industry in the current digitalization, and to build new partnerships with a variety of diverse entities such as AMIDEAST.

The TECHLOG team took advantage of the presence of a number of reputable industry representatives in the forum to raise knowledge about the project's goals and objectives, as well as to expose the project to academics and students. A diverse range of enterprises from the transportation, shipping, manufacturing, and freight forwarding industries participated on both the national and international levels. Speakers from various logistics industries also addressed students, emphasizing the necessary skills and capabilities for new graduates in the digitization era.

Participating companies included the highly prestigious:

  • EL ARABY group
  • AMIDEAST training center
  • El GHONIEMY group
  • SAKR group
  • STAR SHINE shipping and logistics Co.
  • Alex-Express (cargo and marketing solutions)
  • JOB NILE international recruitment and HR consultancy
  • Engineering for containers
  • SPEED for cargo and shipping
  • Remax-Avalon
  • Safety link for cargo and shipping
  • ALL IN ONE shipping services
  • Galina

The event raised awareness among CITL students and graduates about the TECHLOG project, collected contacts of students, graduates, and major companies in the field of logistics and supply chain management, and raised awareness among companies at both private and public levels about the project's goals and objectives.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events from the 6 participating countries where you can learn more about all of the great opportunities we have in store within the EU-funded TECHLOG project!