TEC-MED workshop in Italy: Detection of training needs with stakeholders and target group

Unicamillus International University

On the 26th of February 2022, UniCamillus International University in Rome is going to host the 2nd workshop in relation to TEC-MED socio-ethical-care model for the dependent person and people at risk of exclusion.

The 1st workshop focused on the discussion and validation of the TEC-MED model, with the subsequent proposal and validation of the Action Plan. The 2nd workshop aims to identify the training needs of the target groups, as well as the stakeholders.

The plenary sessions are going to focus on the key aspects of the TEC-MED Model and the presentation of the Capacity Building Protocol. The second part is going to be structured in 4 parallel intermediate sessions where a work methodology is going to be carried out through a nominal group chosen to detect training needs.

The participants include:

  • People over 65 years of age, dependents, and/or at risk of social exclusion who require social and health care;
  • non-professional caregivers (e.g., family members);
  • socio-health professionals;
  • health services companies, associations, foundations, dedicated to socio-health care and public administration.



Plenary Session

9:00 Presentation of all participants.

9:10 Presentation of the TEC-MED Model (dimensions, levels, transversal keys, target groups, final beneficiaries).

9:20 Presentation of the Capacity Building Protocol (State of the art, stakeholder, networks, and key agents) and of the Nominal Groups.

Parallel Sessions

9:40/10:55 TEC-MED Model: participants are divided into 4 Nominal Groups (4 concurrent sessions) to analyze the training/capacity needs of Stakeholders.

10:55 Break.

Plenary Session

11:10 Sharing of the outcomes of the Groups and the Discussion.

12:15 Conclusions and closing comments.