TEC-MED project is one of the first projects in Lebanon targeting the elderly and their caregivers


To implement the TEC-MED model in Lebanon, 6 training agents will be trained on the implementation of the model and will have to assess older persons who fit the inclusion criteria at their homes, institutions or remotely and follow-up after 3 months and 6 months while implementing one hour of social care intervention.  

To reach this target group, different entry points are considered: Non-Governmental Organizations working with older persons, Governmental Organizations, Nursing Homes, Elderly Associations, Public and Private Outpatient Clinics, Public and Private Hospitals, Community Centers, Religious Organizations, and Private Companies.  

The Institute for Development, Research, Defense and Applied Attention, IDRAAC, has been working with older adults through different projects and services, and lately, following the Beirut Blast and the impact it has created in the local scene, IDRAAC has been doubling its efforts to support older person’s mental and psychosocial health through its initiatives and project. 

At this stage of the project, and in preparation for the pilot phase, the Institute for Development, Research, Defense, and Applied Attention is partnering with local organizations and stakeholders working on old age affairs specifically in the provision of health and social care in the field. 

One of these organizations, for instance, the Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) is a non-governmental organization established in Lebanon in 1941. The organization has three primary health care centers in Lebanon affiliated with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), and is located in Bourj Hammoud, Anjar, and Majd Al Anjar (Bekaa) and provides medical care, social care, and preventive care to older persons and families.  

In addition, IDRAAC, The Institute for Development, Research, Defense, and Applied Attention, is working with stakeholders to facilitate and respond to the needs of older persons in providing capacity-building tools and referrals to resources. 

Finally, the TEC-MED project is one of the first projects in Lebanon targeting older persons and their caregivers through an innovative approach to care. It will be a stepping stone to be able to assess the situation of the elderly and propose recommendations and improvement areas within a comprehensive framework.