The TEC-MED project begins the training of agents in the use of the care model in Spain


The TEC-MED project, which was launched in 2019, focuses on integrated care and on providing coordinated, proactive, multidisciplinary assistance to the elderly population. TEC-MED has developed a perfectly coordinated care model that responds to all the needs and preferences of the patient, from a holistic perspective, with a person-focused vision that includes them in the care process.

The TEC-MED Model deals with a transcultural socio-ethical care model for all dependent elderly people at risk of exclusion in the Mediterranean basin. Since its inception, more than 350 people have contributed to the development and elaboration of the TEC-MED Model, expert professionals in the field of care and healthcare in the Mediterranean Basin.

This January 2022, the project reaches an important milestone, starting the training work for the participants on the TEC-MED Model. To support the key agents in the implementation of the TEC-MED Model, more than 20 local agents in Spain will be trained to train on the model and operationalize the action plan, with the support of an online platform that helps the elderly population and to all the key agents involved. This platform has been developed with the collaboration of Magtel as one of the technological partners of the project. The New Health Foundation will also collaborate in providing the training.

For this, a training plan has been designed and the necessary training materials have been prepared for the training agents in charge of piloting the TEC-MED Model.

It is expected that training of approximately 39 total hours will be carried out, spread over 11 sessions in a combination of synchronous (15h) and asynchronous (24h) formats, planned over a total of 5 weeks of total training.

The approximate distribution and training units will initially be the following:

• Session 1 - Getting to know the TEC-MED I Project.

• Session 2 - Getting to know the TEC-MED II Project.

• Session 3 - Model Action Plan.

• Session 4 - Tools and scales.

• Session 5 - Training plan, first part.

• Session 6 - Training plan, second part.

• Session 7 - Evaluation indicators.

• Session 8 - Managing the TEC-MED platform.

• Session 9 - Managing the Care Platform.

• Session 10 - Protocol, route of the elderly person, and Intervention Plan.

• Session 11 - Debriefing.

The training activities represent a great advance in the project process, being the beginning of the commissioning phase after the piloting in which the model is validated and involves the qualification of personnel in the application and evaluation of the model, as well as in the use of its tools and protocols.

With a duration of 36 months, the TEC-MED project (Development of a Transcultural social-ethical-care model for dependent populations in the Mediterranean Sea basin) has a total budget of 3,331,225.33 million euros (of which 2,998,102.80 million euros are a contribution from the EU) and in which a unique and pioneering model of social care is developed for the elderly dependent population of the countries of the Mediterranean Basin thanks to the European funding program ENI CBC MED.