TEC-MED presents “Our elders matter, their stories”


Synchronously with the rest of European cities, on November 27, 2020, the TEC-MED project participated in the uropean Researchers' Night. This informative night aims at bringing science closer to the non-specialist public ore than 650 online activities to demonstrate in a practical and playful way the relationship between research and everyday life.

For the European Researchers' Night and thanks to the European Commission and the University of Seville, we wanted to bring the real stories of older people like Katerina of Greece, Manuel of Spain, Fatema of Egypt, Hassen of Tunisia, Ahmad of Lebanon and Alfonsina of Italy.

With these micro-stories, related by their main characters, the aim is to introduce the reality of dependent elderly people, taking into account the sociocultural context of the six collaborating countries of the project. Through real stories, these tales narrate the experiences and situations that different people with certain limitations (like the lack of economic, social or family resources) and dependencies go through with. The micro-tales show, using illustrations and simple texts, the history of these people who are the reflection of a multicultural and diverse society such as the Mediterranean.

You can see the summary video of the night at the following link: https://youtu.be/iEQiPn5b6Hg

You can also download the complete stories at the link: https://lanochedelosinvestigadores.fundaciondescubre.es/files/2020/09/Cuento_revisado_LosMayoresCuentan.pdf