[TEC-MED] Egypt launches social protection program for the elderly


As part of the efforts implemented to support of the elderly and provide them with the means of life, health, and community care,Egypt is discussing “The Elderly Care Law” project, which aims to protect the rights of the elderly and their enjoyment of all means of community care, as well as work to enhance their effective and complete integration into society and secure the means for a decent life. 

The Elderly Care Law grants the elderly a number of privileges, including the provision of necessary services to the elderly that are compatible with their economic, social, and health conditions, needs, and rights in a way that contributes to facilitating the means of life for them with an adequate standard of living. 

The draft law on the elderly is consistent with TEC-MED's framework for developing an innovative and effective social and ethical framework for improving and adapting social care policies for the elderly, as well as designing a new model to support cooperation and partnership between public institutions and social welfare actors. 

The new draft law aims to educate children and raise youth awareness of how to care for and take care of the elderly by including topics related to the rights of the elderly and their consolidation in education curricula of all ages, as well as the definition of their position in society, and by promoting and supporting media programs that provide appropriate awareness for the elderly by increasing societal awareness of elderly issues and improving societal values toward them, as well as providing awareness to the elderly in a way that improves their health and provides them with appropriate physical activity under the supervision of specialists who are fully aware of the needs of the elderly. 

The law aims to coordinate between the Ministry of Solidarity and various ministries, governmental and private bodies and institutions, and civil society organizations for effective implementation to serve the interests and needs of the elderly. 

Through the Social Protection Program, the Egyptian Ministry of Solidarity launched a new strategy to support and protect dependent elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases and lack support from their family network. This program aims to provide all forms of protection and support for the elderly, particularly psychological support, and this strategy is consistent with the contributions of the TEC- MED, which aims to reduce the elderly's marginalization and improve the quality of social services provided to them. 

This strategy includes also providing comfort for the elderly by covering the costs of public transportation, as well as providing social clubs to encourage them to participate in community activities and entertainment among the elderly.