STAND Up! is protecting Intellectual Property Rights for green start-ups in the Mediterranean


As part of their work on "Policy influence and eco-system stimulation to support improved Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)”, last June 2023, STAND Up! partners launched a call for Intellectual Property Protection Voucher. The call encouraged circular textile start-ups to apply in order to preserve their (eco)innovations at any stage of their production process.

The Prato Textile Museum Foundation (Italy), as well as MedWaves (Spain) have selected their finalists among all the applications received. Each partner has selected 7 start-ups whom will be granted with IPR support service amounting to 5,000€.

The Intellectual Property Rights Vouchers aim to support companies or entrepreneurs in the start-up and growth phase in order to protect their Intellectual Property Right linked to certain innovative products or services. Vouchers are redeemable for services that the intellectual property protection process requires, such as:  legal expert advice on patent, trademarks, industrial design, copyright, softwares, among others.


Discover the selected companies and start-ups :

In Italy:

  • Moebeus : Moebeus promotes circular business models through its expertise as a benefit company, the proprietary software Be-Circular® .
  • Action Women : A social tailoring project carried out by African and Italian women who together, starting from a simple sewing workshop, work and create under an ethical and sustainable fashion brand: “Temporary Roots”.
  • Neloo : Eco-sustainable Jewellery collections, mainly composed of Capim Dourado, a naturally golden-coloured Brazilian grass, and woods and fabrics recovered from carpentry and textile scraps.
  • Ohoskin : Ohoskin produces and sells a coated textile material - an alternative to animal skin - created from by-products of oranges and prickly pear blades.
  • Zerow : Zerow is a company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the sustainable fashion industry. Their work focuses on waste recovery and the promotion of circular practices within the production chain.
  • Altoricamo : Altoricamo's production system is based on an innovative 3D pattern-making technique, with which prototyping costs can be abolished and which allows us to create made-to-measure garments remotely, with no margin for error.


In Spain:

  •  BeKarme : An eco-innovative clothing brand, exclusively based on upcycling techniques and locally manufactured.
  • SUSTEIN : Recycling healthcare textile waste for the production of construction materials that have very low carbon print and are effective for construction purposes.
  • BRE Fashion : BCN Eco-recycled brand. Manufacture of vegan and natural yarns with healthy properties for human use and which guarantee the sustainability of the process.
  • COERA : A line of timeless footwear and accessories produced using bio-based materials from the recycling of organic materials and recycled plastics, made 100% in Spain.
  • SABA Fabrics : SABA Fabrics offers a range of textile fabrics for home accessories and decoration, with prints made from the Ikat technique and manufactured locally.
  • Deleite Wear : Deleite Wear is the first solution offering the HORECA sector to revalue its own textile waste into uniforms and merchandising with social and environmental value.
  • VENTURE TOGETHER: Venture Together markets the Torras brand. Venture's vocation is to bring slow-fashion garments to the market by developing new materials and optimising production processes so that they are not harmful to the environment.