STAND Up!: Online event “Youth for a greener clothing and fashion industry”

The event “Youth for a greener clothing and fashion industry” is going to be held on Wednesday 18th of May 2022 from 15.00-17.30pm CEST. It aims to showcase how young fashion/clothing creators, designers and entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean area are supported by ENI CBC Med funded projects, among them, STAND Up! project.

The entrepreneurs joining the webinar will be able to showcase their stories, putting circularity, sustainability, resource-efficiency at the core of the value chain, from design to production, to reduce the industry toll on the environment and make circular business models a success and an inspiration for others.

The event was selected as part of the 36 ‘stops’ of the European Union’s #TheGreenTrack campaign, which intends to give visibility to young people engaged in activities in favour of the environment in view of United Nations’ Biodiversity Conference COP15 to be held later this yer in China.

The final aim of the event is to empower consumers, in particular the younger generations, since responsible and conscious clothing buying and consumption habits can have a huge positive impact in the environment. Don’t miss out the “Youth for a greener clothing and fashion industry” stop and REGISTER NOW!


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