STAND Up! launches the WeMed Award 2022 to recognize sustainable start-ups in the textile and clothing sector


The WeMed Award 2022, a flagship initiative that aims at giving visibility to business models that promote sustainable production and consumption patterns, will open soon. In its second edition, the award will recognise success stories of sustainable start-ups in the textile and clothing sector in the Mediterranean Area. This edition, funded by the ENI CBC Med Programme, is jointly organised by MedWaves, the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and the Textile Industry Confederation (TEXFOR) and implemented under the STAND Up! project and SwitchMed Programme.

This year, the sustainable business models award will recognize individuals or legal entities that have integrated environmental and social values into a viable business model in the textile and clothing sector. The entity must be legally constituted in a Northern or Southern Mediterranean country (eligible areas of ENI CBC Med in Europe, North Africa and Middle East) and have a defined business plan with potential or actual environmental and social benefits.

For this edition, there will be two main categories: Northern Mediterranean countries and Southern Mediterranean countries. In both cases there will be two rewards per category, the 1st prize name ‘Gold acceleration services’ and the 2nd prize, the ‘Silver acceleration services’ award. They will consist of coaching services and external technical assistance that will be delivered to the winner with a total value of 20.000€ (1st prize) and 10.000€ (2nd prize).

Save the date: Applications will be open on the 12th of September

You will find all the necessary information on the WeMed Award webpage: Do not hesitate to subscribe to the mailing list to be informed in due time of the launch of the call for application and all the requirements to apply.

The award, as flagship initiative of the UNEP/MAP Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, will bolster the endeavor aiming to initiate the transformational changes needed for a green renaissance in the Mediterranean.