STAND Up!: Calls for Hosting Organizations to support textile and fashion start-ups from Lebanon!


STAND Up! has launched a Call for Hosting Organizations to support textile and fashion ventures from Lebanon in exploring international opportunities and access new markets. The purpose of the call is assisting start-ups through technical expertise and advisory to have a better understanding of the regional markets, trends and opportunities and explore the best strategy to access a specific market and scale their business operations.

Besides, the Hosting Organization will facilitate exchange and meetings with local stakeholders to explore the business, testing and funding opportunities. Thus, the selected organization must commit to providing peers with relevant details of potential markets in their region and facilitate meetings with relevant stakeholders, in addition to providing access to market expertise. In this sense, the host will offer:

  • Help to accelerate foreign companies’ learning processes, help them make contacts in the new country, and provide access to the resources necessary to meet their business goal.
  • Specialized support and assistance by experts and advisors on strategy, marketing, legal, financial, cultural and practical issues of doing business in the country reference
  • Fast track access to the local business community and stakeholders through facilitated meetings (meetings and networking events with customers, clients, partners o suppliers).

This call is launched by Berytech, the Lebanese partner of STAND Up!, in the context of the textile soft-landing voucher scheme. This activity aims to give early and growth-stage entrepreneurs in the textile and clothing sector opportunities to grow their ventures and access regional and Mediterranean markets and connections they need to expand into an overseas market.

Documents and proposals must be sent to  by July 8th, 2022, at the latest, with the subject: “Standup – Softlanding TOR ” Applicant must be located in each country as it follows.


6 ventures to be supported in different countries

Waste Studio: a company reusing advertising banners to produce furniture and bags for everyday use. Target Country: France. Link to applyCALL IN FRANCE OPEN

Gaël Ghattas: a start-up creating handmade bag straps with very basic materials found at home. Target Country: Algeria. Link to applyCALL IN ALGERIA OPEN

Mikias: a zero-waste production atelier that aims at setting new standards for fashion production in the local and regional context. Target country: Spain. Link to apply – CALL IN SPAIN OPEN

VEA: a start-up contributing in preserving the environment by upcycling inner tire rubber tubes into fashionable, handmade rubber bags, purses, wallets, belts and accessories. Target country: France. Link to apply – CALL IN FRANCE OPEN

Necess: a company legally registered in Lebanon and the US creating guilt-free fashion that incorporates eco-friendly material into long-lasting pieces created ethically with organic cotton. Target country: Italy. Link to applyCALL IN ITALY OPEN

SLD: a new initiative by Fabric Aid with th aim of upcyling suits and transforming them to one size, unisex upper clothes. Link to apply Target country: Italy – CALL IN ITALY OPEN