STAND Up!: new web conference to focus on offered support services to circular businesses

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On Thursday 4th March 2021 (4pm – 5pm CET), The STAND Up! project is organising a web-conference aiming at publicly presenting the activities that the project partners will develop within the Growing Innovation Programme. The main goal is supporting the creation and grow of circular ventures in the clothing and textile sector through direct support services to entrepreneurs in the ideation, early and growth stage.

The specific objective is to present and inform about the business support services that will be provided by the project partners and the “Call for green entrepreneurs” opened on February 15h designed to deliver a 2-month capacity-building programme tailored to support them in developing their green business models.

The web conference will also introduce the circular trends and circular business opportunities and models in the textiles and fashion sector in the Mediterranean, showcasing successful circular business ventures of the textile and fashion sectors.

The event will be streamed online on STAND Up! Facebook page on the 4th of March at 4pm – 5pm CET

Registration for the event is recommended: please click here.

The agenda of the online event is available HERE