Spanish SMEs meet to discover about the CLUSTER4GREEN project


SMEs from Malaga (Spain) met to discover the potential in the CLUSTER4GREEN project during an event organised by the Spanish partner of the project BIC Euronova, the 4th October in Malaga. The purpose of the event was disseminating information about CLUSTER4GREEN project.


They talked about the project objective which is establishing sustainable models based on the circular economy concept and the capitalization of previous projects. BIC approached to comment some of the tools that are going to be capitalized such as a training platform for SMEs with content related to sustainable smart cities. In addition, a project video was released to attendees during the event in order to introduce the rest of the partners.

During this speech the Cluster4Green Capitalization HUB was mentioned and it took the attention of the participants because they found interesting the idea of joining a community that would help them facing nowadays problems related to circular economy and sustainability and also the possible collaboration with other enterprises.

Participants also gave feedback suggesting which industries should be focused when developing measures for circular economy as well as who they consider key stakeholders. Regarding the industries suggested they think that the most important are the renewable ones and that it does not just matter how we get the energy, but how we market it.

Attendees also consider municipalities and policy-makers as key stakeholders because they are very close to a municipality sustainability road map election and at the end, enterprises will increase their resources in developing green solutions if these stakeholders run for it. For this, they would be very interested if public entities join the Capitalization HUB and not just SMEs.