SOLE in Tunisia organises a series of workshops with municipalities to study ways to improve energy efficiency of public buildings.


The Fédération Nationale des Communes Tunisiennes (FNCT), Tunisian partner of the project SOLE, organizes a series of workshops to launch SOLE’s ACT GREEN campaign to raise awareness on the most correct behaviours to reduce energy consumption in public buildings.

FNCT’s workshops bring together various Tunisian municipalities in order to discuss the energy efficiency of public buildings in Tunisia, within the SOLE project's framework, while learning from best practices and sharing new technical solutions.

Three thematic working groups have been created, including municipalities participating to other projects or initiatives related to energy efficiency, to further investigate the:

  1. institutional and legal framework;
  2. financial framework and financing mechanisms;
  3. necessary professional skills for human resources

to regulate and efficiently implement renewable energies and energy efficiency projects at local level in the Tunisian context.

So far, three workshops were delivered and one is being organised in the following locations:

A national event will be organised as a result of these meetings.

Keep checking out website for further updates on the SOLE project and the ACT GREEN campaign implementation in Tunisia.