Socio-Urban Circularity and Community Awareness in Nablus, Palestine under the INNOMED-UP Project


INNOMED-UP Project Partner Birzeit University (BZU) has executed different activities through the past period in Nablus city. A Training Workshop was delivered in Nablus with a total of 60 training hours for Cultural Creative Industries SMEs on topics covering innovation management and prototyping, innovation and circular design, design and photography, marketing, recycling and other topics. 14 Cultural Creative Industries SMEs attended face to face the training workshops in the period June 14th – July 14th.

More than 10 new innovative Cultural Creative Industries and Circular Economy products were proposed so far. It’s worth noting that BZU will make an announcement for grants for the innovative products. Also, it will work on the construction of 5 bins and 1 smart bicycle for Nablus city, and seek for the MOU’s signing with some main stakeholders of the national bodies, like: Engineers Union, Municipality and three Ministries, and create a bridge of cooperation with local community, decision-makers and media to ensure that these steps are carried out properly.

On the other hand, preparation work has been done regarding the implementation of Socio-Urban Circularity Workshops including a field visit to one public square in the old-town of Nablus city, and other urban workshop for community awareness at BZU. In the meanwhile, Project researchers met with the Joint Services Council in Nablus to discuss the status of landfills and their distribution, which would support the implementation of Roadmaps and Smart tools in Nablus city.

To promote the Circular Economy in Palestine, a number of SMEs benefiting from the INNOMED-UP project in Nablus participated in two exhibitions one in Bieta and another in Asira El-Shamaliah to promote handicrafts and Palestinian culture and identity. This participation was part of the Public Awareness to disseminate the culture of recycling and the Circular Economy in Palestine.