SIRCLES: Work in progress for the construction of a communal compost area in the municipality of Vila-seca, Spain


A delegation from the Catalan Waste Agency, leader of SIRCLES Project, represented by Francesc Giró and Frederic Gallo conducted a field visit to the communal compost area from Vila-seca, known us Torre d’en Dolça, with Pep Enric from the city council, along with Marina Arnau, Idoia Jimenez and Itxaso Euba from Fundacio Formacio I Treball (FITEI), partner of the SIRCLES project.  The Catalan Waste Agency and Fundacio Formacio I Treball-FITEI will join their efforts to provide skills to NEET and women based on circular economy business models applied in the hotel, food retail and household sectors. 

The composting area is situated in an easily accessible place and it is a frequent promenade area from Vila-seca city.  
The training infrastructure is constructed and will be ready to receive the NEETs and women at risk of social exclusion risk and the selected trainers before the end of the 2021 through SIRCLES project which will contribute to the creation of green jobs by involving the most vulnerable sectors of the population and supporting environmental sustainability.

The trainings will develop the capacities of NEET youth and women in business development, separation, collection, compositing, and agriculture processes.