SIRCLES: Three out of thirteen applicants in Tunisia were awarded a grant on biowaste management


This article forms part of a series of publications under SIRCLES project to support circular economy opportunities for employment and social inclusion in our partner territories in Palestine, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, and Jordan.

Three out of thirteen biowaste management projects in Tunisia were awarded the “the SIRCLES project’s sub-grant”. The competition had the objective of supporting new or existing companies in Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon following a circular economy business model in the field of biowaste management. The goal is to increase green employment opportunities, especially for vulnerable social groups and groups at risk of social exclusion (i.e., young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and women) and create green jobs by involving the most vulnerable sectors of the population and supporting environmental sustainability.

The winners are Wallada Composte ,Vers Vert and Heal land​​.

Wallada Compost was established with the goal of activating and supporting local association activities and upgrading efforts from a voluntary educational to a need for financial benefit. This way, it is hoped to preserve the environment and provide job opportunities for young NEETs within the scope of a circular economy.

On the other hand, Vers Vert is vermicomposting unit that can be divided into two parts: vermiculture, which mimics the natural environment, and which allows for optimal control of production parameters (temperature, humidity, oxygen, etc.), and the manufacture and marketing of products from vermicompost. This means that a high quality is guaranteed all year round.

Last but not least Heal Land’s mission is to provide comprehensive gardening services to the community, including landscaping, planting, and collection of waste for composting.