SIRCLES in Lebanon raises awareness to students in Byblos


More than 170 students from both private and public schools in Byblos, Lebanon, actively participated in a green competition organized under the SIRCLES project. The project aims to foster environmental consciousness and sustainability among the youth. To achieve this, the students attended informative sessions led by NEETs (young people who are not in education, employment, or training) that focused on two key topics: sorting waste at its source and minimizing biowaste generation at home.

Following the awareness sessions which took place during the first week of June 2023 to celebrate the World Environment Day, the students were encouraged to showcase their creativity by submitting drawings that conveyed the essential message of "Don't waste your biowaste." These drawings aimed to raise awareness about the importance of responsibly managing biowaste.

Informative sessions led by NEETs

To recognize the outstanding efforts and contributions of the students, a committee comprising esteemed individuals in the field of environmental conservation and project management was formed. The committee consisted of Dr. Wafaa Haidamous Hallasou, project manager of MoreThanAJob in Lebanon; Eng. Tommy Waked, an environmental consultant; and Dr. Josette Moawad, project manager of SIRCLES in Lebanon. Together, they diligently reviewed and assessed the submitted drawings, ultimately selecting 145 students as winners.

Session at Ehmej secondary school

In recognition of their achievements, the selected students were awarded agricultural and plantation toolkits. These toolkits were designed to empower and inspire the young winners to delve further into sustainable agricultural practices.

To complement the distribution of the toolkits, a technical training session was organized and conducted by agricultural engineer Tony Barcha. The training focused on the proper planting of seeds and was held in several selected schools: Collége Mariste N.D de Lourdes Jbail-Amchit, Ecole Notre Dame Amchit, Lycee Amchit, secondary mixed school in Jbeil, Ehmej secondary school, Bchelle public school, and Mayfouk public school. Tony Barcha's expertise and guidance during the training session aimed to equip the students with practical skills and knowledge necessary for successful agricultural endeavors.

Session at Collége Mariste N.D de Lourdes Jbail-Amchit