SIRCLES in Italy shares the testimony of one of its trainee on circular economy


My name is Rosa Mafalda Campanella and I am a 51-year-old woman from Putignano (province of Bari), south of Italy.

In my opinion, what is coming to an end, is a training journey, from which we have learned good practices and communication strategies, finding the right approach and passing valid content to the final beneficiaries of the project. The time spent on the activities of the in-job training has allowed us to expand our knowledge on environmental issues in general, specifically on good practices related to biowaste management and circular economy.

We have learned how to properly communicate and with different types of citizens and commercial operators when meeting them during the surveys or the sensitization activities. This encouraged us to be more involved despite the limits of the immediate impact, which allowed us to deal with the reticence of the people involved in the survey/sensitization activities.

This job, sometimes, seemed a bit ruthless. All the activities were carried out mostly within "soft" and slow terms but sometimes the deadline was also strict. It is worth mentioning that we acquired the right terminology and the tranquillity of exposure, on topics that, as it turned out, were close to heart for all the in-job trainees. Certainly, what emerged, was the motivational drive of all in-job trainees.

This experience taught us how to compare ourselves and adapt to different cultures and mentalities of people, while recognizing these differences in achieving the commons goals.  What had initially been a simple task became a real mission, as we recognized that we were the protagonists of a great and beautiful reality and that we had a great opportunity for growth, as well as responsibility. 

We can say that we have acquired a good baggage of information and we have become aware of good practices, knowing how to share the methodologies to improve the separate waste collection on our territory, without ever forgetting that these 10 months have expanded the range of our knowledge and have changed us deeply.

Overall, the experience was strong and rewarding.  I would like to thank all my colleagues, and the project for this opportunity!