SIRCLES in Greece puts in practice organic waste management with the locals in Andros


On October 12, 2022, Organization Earth and the National Technical University of Athens, both Greek partners of SIRCLES, visited the cove of Korthi in the island of Andros to complete the practical training of trainees and finalize the cooperation with schools, restaurants, grocery stores and hotels with the SIRCLES project.

Practical training in Andros, Greece

During the 2-day training and awareness campaign, participants were asked to bring food waste from their homes. The activities included the collection of  bulking material and the start of a composting process by replicating what the trainers' experience did during the workshops in Sort, Spain. The participants showed great excitement and willingness to participate in composting activities outdoors but also at home.  Since Korthi is a small area, news of SIRCLES project's endeavor spread fast, and almost every shop or market in town showed willingness to participate. The residents of the area are showing great interest in composting and green practices in general.

13 Memorendum of Understandings were signed with: Korthi primary school, five restaurants, one hotel, two coffee shops, two butcher shops, one bakery and one supermarket regarding the placement of composting bins in their facilities.