The Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry introduces Mr. Ridha Fourati, leader of the TECHLOG team in Tunisia!


Meet the faces behind TECHLOG

Today, we would like to introduce you to Mr. Ridha Fourati, President of the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry and legal representative for the TECHLOG project as a Tunisian partner.

Mr Ridha Fourati is a Civil Engineer from the National School of Engineering of Tunis and manager of a leading company in the field of ecological printing.

During his mandate as President of the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry he contributed to establish the 1st cluster in Transport and Logistics in Tunisia: SFAX LOGISTIC.  The cluster puts in synergy the main actors of industry, the training organizations, the public authorities and the civil society in order to support the studies, the innovation and the investments for the promotion of logistics in the territory. It relies on international cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean and African areas through all operators and institutions involved in the development of logistics and transport.

The main missions implemented by the cluster:

- To promote logistics and the establishment of a logistics platform in the Sfax region.

- To support the creation of added value in the logistics chains.

- To improve the activity and quality of logistics in all economic sectors.

President Fourati has constantly worked to promote the development of logistics in Tunisia and particularly in the region of Sfax, as well as the professionalization of logistics activities through training.

Stay tuned to meet more of the TECHLOG team!


The TECHLOG project takes great pride in its team of knowledgeable, cross-disciplinary professionals from five different Mediterranean countries, all of whom are striving to develop linkages between academics and the (trans)port business, namely transport inside port areas, in the region. Stay tuned as we reveal the different options and fantastic initiatives that TECHLOG has in store to assist in the achievement of uniform quality standards for transport and port specialist workers in the Mediterranean