Second training on bio-waste management under SIRCLES in Catalonia


Following the success of the first training on bio-waste management, Formació i Treball Empresa d'Inserció (FITEI)SIRCLES project partner in Catalonia launched on September 8th, the second bio-waste and compost management training course in the pilot of Vila-seca (Tarragona, Catalonia). This time, thirteen additional trainees will attend the 100-hours training on technical, cognitive, social, relational and entrepreneurial skills from September 8th to October 13th.

During the training on biowaste management in Catalonia

Out of these 13 students, 6 will be selected in November to replace the workers who are currently working in the composting area in Vila-seca. It is worth noting that almost all students, with the exception of two, are from the city of Vila-seca, unemployed and not in education. Therefore, this training will be a good opportunity to integrate them in society by applying circular economy model.

FITEI expects to offer a better training and experience to their trainees after learning from the first successes and mistakes of the first training.