SEACAP 4 SDG transfers knowledge on public building renovation through a Living Lab approach


The SEACAP 4 SDG project aims to contribute to fighting climate change by reducing energy consumption in public buildings across the Mediterranean. 
To do so a training programme was also designed to maximise the knowledge acquired so far about effective building energy refurbishment strategies, to be adapted to local Mediterranean specificities and criticalities. This approach will support the identified cities and municipalities to adopt the results capitalised by the project in order to efficiently plan and implement energy renovation actions.

This training programme is currently underway through the establishment of the SEACAP Living Lab (SLL) and includes two levels:

  1. Training for the benefit of the project partners and local experts on Selected Reference Projects (SRPs);
  2. Training on how to develop and implement a SEACAP through a Living lab approach for the benefit of the Local Implementation Team of the project in a first phase which will conduct the same training at each local level for the beneficiary municipalities and cities. 

The training will provide the cities/municipalities representatives as well as other members of the Living Lab with the basic knowledge and tools that will allow them to develop comprehensive, realistic, and dynamic action plans, while addressing local specific challenges in the framework of a Living Lab.

The first phase of the training agenda was conducted online during the period October-December 2022 for local external experts from the partners’ countries. The main topics were a series of outputs and outcomes from Selected Reference Projects (SRP) financed within different EU Initiatives (ENI CBCMED, INTERREG MED, UfM) and how to capitalize on these different tools and methodologies to better develop sustainable energy efficiency plans and strategies. The objective was to provide the local experts selected in each partner country  with the needed knowledge to be transferred to the beneficiary municipalities/cities.

News on the next steps of the training programme will be announced in the coming weeks.
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