SEACAP 4 SDG signs a collaboration agreement in Tunis with the municipality of Bizerte and experts moving towards Sustainable Cities


On the 17th of January 2023, the Mediterranean renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC), partner of SEACAP 4 SDG, the municipality of Bizerte and a Tunisian external entity “Agence Atmosphère” gathered to sign a collaboration agreement.

This agreement is concluded within the framework of the implementation of the activities of SEACAP 4 SDG project and aims at setting the terms of collaboration between the Tunisian project partner, the Tunisian Municipality selected through an expression of interest and the external entity contracted to implement a support mechanism for the benefit of the municipality selected.  

This support mechanism proposed by SEACAP4SDG will be implemented at two main levels:

•    At the first level, a customized energy efficiency plan will be elaborated to prioritize and implement the solutions introduced by the capitalization Toolkit of the project. The results will be validated through the presentation of one energy-mix efficiency plans.
•    The second level will focus on the elaboration of a roadmap to implement the most cost-effective technologies for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in pilot buildings while exploiting the available tools.