SEACAP 4 SDG highlights importance of Mediterranean cooperation projects for energy efficiency in public building


We are pleased to inform you that the University of Patras along with their external expert MES Energy SA has developed an article based on their work in the SECAP 4 SDG project titled "Exploitation of Mediterranean Cooperation Projects’ Tools for the Development of Public Buildings’ Energy Efficiency Plans at Local Level: A Case Study in Greece".

The article has been published in Energies as part of the Special Issue Effective and Efficient Management Practices in Energy Sources and Energy Consumption and is available online.

The present paper deals with the aforementioned challenges through:

  • (a) the evaluation of freely available tools developed in the framework of Mediterranean territorial cooperation projects, with respect to the main pillars of energy efficiency planning, and
  • (b) the introduction of a stepwise methodology using selected tools toward a reliable energy efficiency plan extending from the classification of the building stock to the prioritization of projects in terms of a gradual renovation plan based on energy and cost criteria.

The methodology is applied for a case study in Greece, which refers to 10 public buildings of the Municipality of Aigialeia in Greece.

The scientific publication is available @MDPIOpenAccess Website:

Citation: Stavrakakis, G.M.; Zervas, P.L.; Terzis, K.; Langouranis, P.; Saranti, P.; Stephanedes, Y.J. Exploitation of Mediterranean Cooperation Projects’ Tools for the Development of Public Buildings’ Energy Efficiency Plans at Local Level: A Case Study in Greece. Energies 2023, 16, 3352.