MoreThanAJob seminar in Italy: what can social economy do for social and labour inclusion?


CESIE, our Italian project partner, started a cycle of seminars focused on the cooperation between private and public actors with the aim of promoting a participatory reflection on resources, means and competences existing on the territory, on the one hand; encouraging the systemization and sharing of existing social and welfare initiatives, on the other hand.

The first meeting focused on the importance of cooperation between public and private actors to develop and implement services supporting the inclusion of each citizen. It was a great opportunity to meet and learn about public and private initiatives that aim to strengthen the inclusion of vulnerable people and citizens' access to services.

The second meeting will be held on the 7th of May from 10.00 to 12.30 (CEST) and will focus on the role of social and solidarity economy actors in promoting the social and labour inclusion in the territories where they operate and, in particular, among vulnerable groups.

More information on the event, how to register and the agenda can be found at this link (Italian only):