RESMYLE is supporting 18 ecoentrepreuneurs to launch their business


On Friday 5th of May 2023, RESMYLE partnership gathered in order to select the 18 winning projects from the subgrants call on ecoentrepreneurship. 

Each of them will receive 4.000 € in order to strengthen their technical skills, to finance analyses in their technical field, marketing or communication..., to register officially or to buy equipment allowing them to start their activity.


Tunisian winners:

Within the ecoincubator DEMARRI hosted by AERE

Moufida Messadi for her project "Green PAM" involving the promotion of medicinal & aromatic flora in Tunisia. The grant will enable Moufida to start producing in large quantities, to launch the brand on the market after its official registration and to start the advertisement.

Afraa Khlaifi for her project "Farha" focusing on setting up an original decoration based on natural and sustainable products for all types of events. The grant will enable Afraa to purchase some necessary materials and equipments, start creating products, promote her activities and create an online store to sell her products on a large scale.


Within the ecoincubator Incube GoGreen hosted by ISSTE

Ahmed Boufahja with his project "Or Compost" aiming to set up a composting system for organic waste, providing services for the collection, treatment and transformation of waste into compost fertilizer. The objective is to encourage the practice of sorting waste and to raise people's awareness of the importance of organic waste management. The grant will be used for the purchase of necessary equipments and to be trained in composting.

Gofrane Barhoumi with her project "Green aquarium" combining aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants in water without soil) in a symbiotic way. The grant will be used in certification training necessary to strengthen the project and purchase of necessary equipments.


Lebanese winners: Within the ecoincubator ECONITIA hosted by ADR

Catherine El Chami for her collective project with Ali Karrout "The green house Project". At time when lebanon’s traditional pottery craft is fading, the green house project aims to preserve the “fukhar” craftsmanship, the Lebanese cultural heritage throughout  pottery teaching This grant will allow Catherine and her team to purchase a throwing wheel and create this positive impact on individuals and community, it provides opportunities for creative expression, develops practical skills and promote sustainable local products across the country.

Ahmad Dandach for his project "ECO-hike" designed to promote rural ecotourism by organizing environmentally friendly excursions that involve hiking and camping in natural sites and raising awareness about the meaning of safeguarding the environement and wildlife. With the grant, Ahmad will acquire the operational equipment, launch his first expeditions and will be trained on environmental conservation.

Hussein Najdi for his collective project with Wafaa Bilal "Bois de roses atelier" aiming at transforming  old and unused fabrics into aprons and art paint. The grant will help the project to have a clean energy source (electricity solar system) and professional sewing machine (the core of this process) to achieve upcycled products not only stylish but also environmentally friendly, especially that by repurposing fabrics, they are reducing waste and carbon footprint and offering products that are socially and environmentally sustainable.


Hiam Dandach for her project "Compost-ology" aims at breeding worms and utilize their dirt containing valuable soil nutrients. The grant will allow Hiam to purchase the worms first as well as some other equipments (wooden boxes for habitat of worms, solar panels to support air conditioners to contril the room temperature... Vermicomposting is an environmentally sustainable process that helps in waste management, improves soil quality and reduces soil erosion. 


Jordanian winners: Within the ecoincubator Green Construction Innovation Lab hosted witin the Center of Excellence for Innovative Projects (CEIP) at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)

Najwan Abdallat for her project "Smart Water Solutions (SMS)", aimed at detecting water leaks earlier through a water system based on wireless sensor connected to mobile app using augmented reality network. The grant will help Najwan to develop the smart sensor's materials and designs, and to promote the idea to female households.

Sura Sari for her collective project with Rami Tannous "Eco Rack" proposing a new sustainable design for the vegetable and fruit racks and displays that are typically used in central markets in Jordan. The new design proposes using recycled material and allowing for a more effciient disposal of organize waste. The grant will be used to develop and build a prototype of the eco-unit that reflects the needs and concerns of the farmers and potential customers.

Bani Amer Ayman for his collective project with Ali El-dweiri "Eco Brick",  a promising eco-friendly project in Jordan, that produces low-cost and durable building materials made of recycled plastic waste. The subgrant will enable the team to invest in new equipment, consult with expert engineers, expand production, and reach new customers.

Ayah Smadi for her collective project with Ghayda Awad "Unfold" through an integrated resilient approach to constructing shelters for forcibly displaced communities, this project mimics an adjustable structure which can change shape and size. The units are designed using parametric tools focusing on a modular construction and assembly approach in which components of the structure are produced off-site and assembled on-site. This grant will provide the recourses to conduct necessary design studies to prototype and produce a minimum viable product by the end of 2023.


Italian winners: Within the ecoincubator GROW UP hosted by CFLC

Giuseppe Cristiano De Bernardo for his project "Treeblock" aimed at creating an all-in-one software that allows businesses to work on their sustainability practises and management. The grant will enable Giuseppe to cover the costs associated with legal processes and services.

Marco Peloso for his project "Publicit" aimed at creating a website to promote local sustainable businesses and shops to the customers. Thanks to this website, customers can find the fitting shop for them and the shops can present all information and promote their products. The grant will enable Marco to cover the costs associated with legal processes and services.

Lucia Bruno for her project "Cammin Faciendo" aiming at promoting slow and local tourism thanks to boxes that will give you all the needed informations to travel and discover new places, first in Liguria and more in the future... The grant will enable Lucia to launch her business through the building an e-commerce website and begin the production of the boxes.


French winners: Within the ecoincubator of CDE Petra Patrimonia in partnership with the Coopérative d'Initiatives Jeunes

Guillaume MAES for his project "Shinsekai Farm" an organic gardening farm. The grant will enable Guillaume to carry out analyses of his soil in order to be more respectful of the environment, to pay for his organic certification and to buy sustainable equipments.

Nastasia BETTAREL for her project "Raw earth masonry - eco-construction and renovation" aiming at building or rehabilitating buildings with sustainable and non-polluting materials. With the grant, Nastasia will be trained on straw construction & will purchase some masonry materials.

Hugo Miniscalco for his project "Yurz Shoes", the first sports shoe with interchangeable soles. A special fastening system allows the user to adapt the pair of shoes to different uses and sports. The grant will enable Hugo to finalise the design of the shoe and the mechanical engineering dedicated to the binding, to launch the production of a prototype and to meet all his partners and potential suppliers.


A total amount of €72,000 is therefore provided by RESMYLE to support each of its entrepreneurs in addition to our daily support to develop their business.

We wish a very bright future to all these committed and motivated young people!