RESMYLE offers eco volunteering opportunities in Italy combining nature and street art


The Cultural Association l'Agorà, partner of AMESCI in RESMYLE, was born in Dugenta, a small town in Sannio (Benevento), in 2006 from the idea of a group of young people united by the desire to create aggregation, promote the dissemination of culture, reach out to the most disadvantaged, promote the active participation of the citizen in civil society.

It is a non-profit association, and the main areas of intervention are:
- peace, integration, welcome, solidarity, human rights
- Sustainable Development
- street art and photography
- protection and enhancement of the territory

"Empatie" is a video to see some of the activities of L'Agora.

In this context, the 2 volunteers will be involved in numerous non-formal activities, with the aim of promoting and fostering social inclusion, active citizenship, environmental education, especially through street art.

The project aims, on the one hand, to achieve skills in the arts and crafts, through stencil and screen printing workshops, as well as through the design and creation of murals and artistic installations, on the other hand to focus attention on education for sustainable development as it does not only concern the environment, but also the economic sphere (consumption, poverty, north and south of the world) and society (rights, peace, health, inclusion, cultural diversity).

Focusing on education for sustainable development means touching many aspects of life and the common values of equity and respect for others, for future generations, for diversity, for the environment, for the earth's resources.

The activities will also be carried out with the support of volunteers of one Italian civic service.
Camping weekends are planned, volunteers will be given the opportunity to camp in a green space on the slopes of Monte Mutria in the heart of the Matese Regional Park and the Titerno mountain community and to be able to taste products at km 0 for free.

-    create aggregation especially through art, music, photography and sport
-    reach out to the most fragile and the most vulnerable
-    promote the values of volunteering and active citizenship
-     write pages of the future together, for a better, more supportive, fairer, more just and more humane world and for a more livable planet.

Find more information on this ecomission here.
If you are interested by this ecomission, please send us your application through this link by asking for ECOVOL10 & 11.

Please note that only people (residents of Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan) with a Schengen visa will be admitted. These ecomissions are also open to legal residents in France.

The RESMYLE project - Rethinking employment and social inclusion of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development is funded by the European Union's ENI CBC MED programme.

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