RESMYLE - Italy : Call for applications for a farm


In order to better develop the workshops for NEETs, Cooperativa Formazione Lavoro e Cooperazione Social Enterprise (CFLC) is looking for a farm in the Ligurian hinterland willing to host 15 youngsters + 3 animators on their premises.

In particular, CFLC would like to receive an estimate of costs for the following services:

 -   catering activities (lunch only) for 12 maximum 15 young people + 3 animators for 5 days maximum;
 -   materials for the activities to be proposed to the young people
 -   a maximum of two trainers for the activities on hydrogeological instability
 -   transport to reach the company if it is not accessible by public transport.

All the activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the internal staff of CFLC and the other project partners.

For further information and to apply, please write to: