RESMYLE: 64 young people sought to participate in 16 field training workshops on environmental sustainability


Applications for the 16 training workshops dedicated to NEETS are now open!

New opportunities for young people between 18 and 29 on the subject of environmental protection are on the way.

Raise awareness among young NEETS on the issue of environmental sustainability, involving them in training activities in the field. This will be one of the objectives that will affect the 16 workshops promoted by the local associations of Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, France and Italy, as part of the project RESMYLE 'Rethinking Employement and Social inclusion of Mediterranean Youth' through sustainable development funded by the ENICBCMED 2014-2020 Program.

The workshops will take place between September 2021 and June 2022, will see the participation of 12 neets (young people who do not study, do not work or are engaged in training activities) who will be involved in initiatives to support local communities.

For international applications from France, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan, young people must fill in the following form

For more information on the workshops and for national applications please click here if not working click here


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RESMYLE is a project that aims to rethink the employment and social integration of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development.

To learn more, visit RESMYLE's ENICBCMED page.