RELAUNCH: TECHLOG in Italy is looking for a coordinator for its Living Lab


The University of Cagliari (Italy) has an open position: 

  • LIVING LAB (LL) Coordinator 

The professional figure will work to improve the technological transfer promoted by the Living Labs of the TECHLOG research project - TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER FOR LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN MEDITERRANEAN AREA ". 

Short description of the profiles: 

The Living Lab (LL) Coordinator will be responsible a series of activities of the project and he will have to:  

  • define the operational work plan of LL initiatives and monitor their progress; 
  • communicate and coordinate with the Coordinator of the other LLs; 
  • coordinate the work of the Territorial Animators working in the LL; 
  • operate through the collaborative platform of the LL (provided by the project) and keep it animated and updated; 
  • manage stakeholder participation and coordinate and animate all LL activities; 
  • execute the LL methodology, stimulating the networking of stakeholders in order to match the needs of innovation researchers and users with the expertise and potential solutions of innovation developers; 
  • support the development of the first innovations, the co-creation process, the testing and the first experimentations of the stakeholders through simulations; 
  • deliver results to the CBMOL system, constantly interacting with project partners; 
  • draft reports on LL activities to the project steering committee. 
  • produce reports on LL activities and publish related news and content on the collaborative platform;  
  • implement the activities envisaged in the operational plan not mentioned in the previous points. 

To find out more about the profile of the position please follow this link (the content is available in both Italian and English). 

The new deadline for the applications is 6th February 2023.