RE-MED organizes in Lebanon a training on the circular economy of construction

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The RE-MED project: "Application of innovation for the development of the circular economy for sustainable construction in the Mediterranean" is a partnership between 4 countries around the Mediterranean (France, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia) to promote the use of the circular economy in the construction and demolition waste sector.

To achieve its objectives, RE-MED strives to strengthen knowledge transfer across the Mediterranean and to disseminate information to new generations through training programmes organised in its different partner countries.

In Lebanon, the RE-MED training programme entitled "Circular Economy of Construction" will take place from 20 to 24 February 2023 at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

The programme (organised in English and free of charge) will introduce students to different environmental and economic modelling methods such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), micro and macro-economic modelling and will familiarise them with Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a method of project collaboration.

Students in their final year of undergraduate or PhD/Master's studies who wish to participate in the training programme are invited to apply before 30 January 2023 via the link below: