Provision of external audit services for the expenditure and revenue verification of the TEC-MED project


MERIMNA Therapeutic Educational Center of Patras for People with Intellectual Disabilities, located in Western Greece, Project Partner 4 (PP4) of the TEC-MED Project, invites interested parties to submit a proposal-offer in accordance with the specifications described in the call of interest “Provision of external audit services in charge of expenditure and revenue verification to TEC-MED project”.

The deadline for submitting bids is the 10th of April 2020, 3:00 pm CET.

TEC-MED Project aims to build an intervention framework improving social enterprises operations and collaboration with public administration in the implementation of actions that improves the social-care conditions of elderly population having economic and social integration difficulties.

In addition, the Project will validate the model by setting-up 6 pilot actions in the participating countries aiming at implementing the action for testing by involving social enterprises, citizens and public administrations.

In particular, TEC-MED project will develop a governance model, an organization structure and skills profiles for the social care personnel, and a software solution enabling exchange of information on country-based initiatives to facilitate social inclusion of elderly at risk and cross-country analysis for effective comparison.


Expected results:

New professional careers for Training Agents (TA) employed in Government Organizations (partners). Under the proposed framework, TAs will act as promoters of social assistance interventions in their country and as facilitators of the cross-border application of the TEC-MED framework. TA will promote the framework in two ways:

- Train apprentices of NGOs that will have to provide social assistance at home based on the TEC-MED framework to age people with chronic diseases;

- Supervise and train NGO staff in the patient's home. Thanks to this intervention, we hope to train 6 TAs per country (36 TA in all).


Provision of audit services:

The project implementation period is 36 months (starting date: 26/09/2019 - ending date: 25/09/2022).

The audit services will be provided along the complete project period, i.e. the complete execution and certification period of the project, not only the project implementation period. This means that it includes the complete process of expenditure and revenue verification for the final report whose deadline for submission to Managing Authority is within three months after the end of the reporting period.

The language of the contract and of all written communications, including reports, between the Auditor and the Project Partner (or Lead Beneficiary if it were needed) shall be English.

The Auditor shall execute the tasks assigned to him in accordance with the procedures and templates annexed to this document or any update issued by the Managing Authority or the Joint Technical Secretariat:

- Annex 1: description of the evaluation and revenue verification procedure;

- Annex 2: control check-list;

- Annex 3a: template of individual report

- Annex 3b: template of consolidated report

- Annex 4: template list of findings;

- Annex 5: template of report on suspected and/or established fraud.

- Template contract auditor

In order to ensure that the selected auditor complies with the provisions of the article 32 of the Regulation 897/2014 that regulates the audit and control structures of the cross-border cooperation programs of the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), the selected audit must be registered in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (in greek ΣΟΕΛ).